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Pomnik Tadeusza Kościuszki na Wawelu Kraków

Kościuszko monument, Wawel Castle, Kraków

Konny pomnik mężczyzny, odlany z brązu.
Wawel, Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
The monument is a joint project of Leonard Marconi and Antoni Popiel. It was cast in bronze in 1900, on the initiative of the Tadeusz Kościuszko Society.
The monument is equestrian. In 1921 it was placed at the Wawel Castle, but did not survive the war – on 17th February 1940 it was destroyed by the Germans. In 1960, it was the only monument in Poland to have been reconstructed by the German side as a gift to Cracow from the people of Dresden. Thus, it returned to its initial place.