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Park Krajobrazowy Beskidu Małego

Low Beskids Landscape Park

Park Krajobrazowy Beskidu Małego
Sucha Beskidzka
tel. +48 124153833
fax. +48 124157221
ul. Vetulaniego 1A, 31-227
This park consists of a small group of mountains separated into two unequal parts by the ravined Soła Valley.
Although the mountains do not exceed 1000 m asl, they stand out thanks to the diversified landscape. The park came into existence in 1998 to credit its geographical attributes and preserve its natural qualities. The north-east part of the protected area belongs to Małopolska province. You can set off for the mountains from Sucha Beskidzka or Kocierz Pass. The latter begins on an interesting trail towards Leskowiec, leading through the Madohora reserve, which protects a region of the upper subalpine spruce forest and a few picturesque rocks. Leskowiec itself offers a panoramic view of almost all the neighbouring ranges.