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Święto Storczyka

Orchid Festival

Na pierwszym planie storczyk na zielonej łące. W tle turyści podczas Święta Storczyka.

Henryka Sienkiewicza 25, 32-200 Kalina Mała Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 413830040
Orchids are extremely rare, wonderfully flowering plants that have taken a liking to the fertile and pollution-free soil of the Miechowska Upland.

The land of Miechów is full of hills, green meadows and fields. It's characterised by varied and interesting terrain features. It's especially picturesque here in spring and early summer. The field flowers with which the surrounding countryside is woven, fields of lavender and flowering rape create colourful carpets that's hard to take your eyes off. Located a short distance from the bustling city of Kraków (approx. 42 km), this area is a great place to relax and feel close to nature. In the silence interrupted only by birdsong and the playing of grasshoppers, it is easy to relax pleasantly and recuperate after the exertions of the work week.

The large forest complexes and unspoilt nature are ideal habitats for rare plants. The floral grasslands found here are a unique habitat not only in Poland, but in all of Europe. The meadows please the eye of visitors to the area and are an excellent space for relaxation and active tourism.

Held annually in the Kalina Mała Natura 2000 Area (PLH 120054) in the Miechów Commune, the Orchid Festival attracts lovers of outdoor recreation. Very popular are the guided tours led by botanists, foresters, ornithologists and entomologists, who talk passionately about the mysteries of the Miechów Land and the surrounding nature. As part of the relaxation after a delightfully absorbing excursion, regional food tastings, games, competitions and themed stalls await you. The Orchid Festival is a wonderful event where everyone will find something of interest for themselves.

The event allows you to experience nature and acquire a lot of information about it. 

The Orchid Festival won recognition in the 2021 Małopolska Tourist Treasures competition in the So Much Is Happening– Unique Tourist Events category.

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