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Dworek „Zacisze” Miechów

The “Seclusion” Manor House in Miechów

Drewniany dworek od frontu na kamiennej podmurówce z gankiem..
Polna 1, 32-200 Miechów Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
tel. +48 413810187
tel. +48 413830795
tel. +48 413890389
The “Seclusion” Manor House in Miechów was erected in 1784. It is a ground floor small manor house built using log construction to a rectangular plan, and has a Polish mansard roof with shingled garrets.
The interior is two-bay and consists of four rooms divided by a connecting hallway. The building is a very good example of a bourgeois residence and contains all the architectural elements characteristic of Old Polish manor houses, displayed proportionally and with understated detail. Currently the building is run by the Galeria „U Jaksy”.

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