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Drewniana zabudowa Uście Solne

The buildings around the market square Uście Solne

Drewniana chałupa, parterowa z dwuspadowym dachem. W otoczeniu drzewa.

32-813 Uście Solne Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

The buildings around the market square in Uście Solne date from the second half of the C19th and the C20th.
They consist of wooden, log houses, covered by gable or hipped roofs, with two or three rooms. Among the buildings making up the farms there were also barns standing along the external farm streets, an interesting group of which has been preserved to the present day. These buildings have a framework construction, walls woven from wicker and hipped thatched roofs. The local classical-baroque church, dating from the first half of the C19th, has retained its C18th-C19th fittings.

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