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Zespół szałasów Polana Podokólne Jurgów

The complex of shelters Podokólne Clearing near Jurgów

Polana z trawą. Na wprost w oddali drewniane budynki z dachami dwu i czterospadowymi. Za nimi choinki i drzewa. Niebo zachmurzone z prześwitującym lekko słońcem.

34-532 Jurgów Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

Numbers 56 pastoral shelters which feature on the register of historical buildings.
They were moved to the current location in 1879 from 90 clearings in the Jaworzyna Tatras, as a result of the loss of pastureland belonging to the inhabitants of Jurgów. Prince Hohenlohe set up a hunting range on the land. At that time around 100 shelters were brought to Podokólne, thus establishing the largest summer pasture land in the Tatras and Podtatrze, still functioning in the last quarter of the C20th. The preserved shelters are a precious historical monument of the disappearing pastoral material culture.

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