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Skansen sypańców Kacwin

Open-air museum in Kacwin

Dwa tradycyjne spichlerze na wolnym powietrzu

św. Anny, 34-441 Kacwin Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

tel. 500 655 114 Przewodnik
In Kacwin, in the Łapsze Niżne municipality, a new open-air museum has been opened, its main attraction being the traditional sypańce, i.e., clay-plastered wooden buildings on a stone foundation, with a movable sloping roof.

In the past, Kacwin was famous for those structures, used as granaries for storing potatoes, grain, and salted meat. In recent years, they began to disappear from the landscape of Polish Spisz; hence, it was decided to save the surviving ones. They were bought from their owners, then moved from their original location, renovated and grouped into an open-air museum. The function of those buildings has been recreated in one of them; in another one, precious everyday-use objects, such as distaff, looms, threshers, and chests have been collected. A traditional Spisz costume can also be seen there; information on local culture, tradition and customs can be found on interactive monitors. Another exhibit in the open-air museum is a Spisz cottage, and plans are being made to bring here a forge as well.

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