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Dłubniański Park Krajobrazowy

Dłubniański Landscape Park

Zielono-żółte pasy pól uprawnych na lekko pofałdowanym terenie Wyżyny Miechowskiej.

Iwanowice Dworskie Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 124153833
fax. +48 124157221
Organiser: Zespół Parków Krajobrazowych Województwa Małopolskiego
ul. Vetulaniego 1A, 31-227 Kraków
The park encompasses the Valley of the Dłubnia river which stretches from Nowa Huta - the district of Kraków - to the north.
The long and shallow valley has a few picturesque regions, such as that between Glanowo and Imbramowice, or between Iwanowice and Maszkowo. The river is fed by a number of springs, a few of which are protected as natural monuments. The most popular and beautiful one is ‘Jordan’, the pulsating karst spring in Ściborzyce. The other characteristic features of the valley are the precious and numerous monuments which include the St. Norbert Convet in Imbramowice, the 18th century wooden church in Iwanowice, and let’s not forget about the 13th century Romanesque church in Wysocice. A few 18th and 19th century country mansions have also been preserved in the towns by the river.

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