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Apilandia - Interaktywne Centrum Pszczelarstwa

Apilandia – Interactive Beekeeping Centre


Klecza Dolna ul. Pszczela/2, 34-124 Klecza Dolna Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski

tel. +48 690192767
tel. +48 517203452
If you want to learn about the life of bees and their secrets and habits, you have come to the perfect place! This interactive exhibition is the only place of its kind in Poland where these interesting and useful insects that live alongside us are promoted in such a professional manner. History, modernity, tradition, and innovation are combined here in an amazing way.

A modern exhibition on bees was given a home in the historic cellars. Many questions can be answered here: What is the hierarchy in the hive? How does one become a queen mother, and how long can one hold such a position? How is a bee different from other insects? Here, we can find the answers to these and many other questions. The exhibition is varied and enriched with multimedia elements, such as interactive installations and overview animations.

Apilandia is a place where you can learn about bee life from the inside and discover the secrets of the beekeeping world. It is an educational journey that is fun for the whole family. The owners are eager for visitors to know that their aim is to make people aware that modern beekeeping technology and keeping bees healthy and happy go hand in hand. The project's educational content is geared towards children and young people, so it often hosts schools, camps, and excursions. You can participate in workshops, learn how to make beeswax candles and glycerine soaps and taste products made by bees.

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