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Dolina Olczyska

The Olczyska Valley

Potok płynący w dolinie

Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

The Olczyska Valley is charming and peaceful and begins in Jaszczurówka. The green-marked trail initially leads along a forest-shaded path along a stream then gradually turns into a road crossing vast glades. After a 40-minute walk, one reaches the Olczyska Glade, with a historic shepherd's hut and several benches to rest upon.

The main attraction is the rushing brook, which creates picturesque cascades, and the swoosh of foaming water encourages a moment of reflection. An exciting and intriguing phenomenon to observe is Olczyskie Wywierzysko, located at the end of the clearing and marked by a footbridge. It is worth having a glance at a side path into the forest thicket to notice the water suddenly flowing out of the ground. From the Olczyska Valley, it is impossible to hike to higher parts of the mountains, but with a little effort, one can reach Wielki Kopieniec, with a stunningly beautiful panorama of the entire Tatra ridge. The second option is a walk from the Olczyska Valley to the Nosalowa Pass and Nosal in the western direction. Due to the lack of direct access to the higher Tatra regions, the Olczyska Valley is less frequented, which, combined with the old coniferous and deciduous forest, makes it emanate with mystery.

There is a car park at the end of the Olczyska Valley.

Admission to the Valley is paid.

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