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Dom Landaua Bobowa

Landau House in Bobowa

Drewniany parterowy budynek z zewnątrz

Rynek 7, Bobowa Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 600567008
Bobowa is a town with Jewish roots. In 1732, the then owner of the town, Michał Jaworski, invited Jews to Bobowa to lift the local trade from collapse. It was the Jewish past the town that inspired the idea of creating a “small Jewish museum” in Bobowa.
The Landau House is a treasure of souvenirs of the Bobowa Jews. It houses the exhibition entitled “Scraps of memory”, owned by Józef Gucwa who is passionate about the history of the Bobowa Jews. The exhibition is located in a house that once belonged to Markus Jakub Landau, a Jew living in Bobowa. All visitor of this extraordinary place are offered an interesting lesson of history. In the “Landau House” you will find many valuable Jewish souvenirs, everyday objects and “treasures” that were hidden in the house for years. All these exhibits make up a unique atmosphere allowing to explore the Jewish culture and the history of the Bobowa Jews who have contributed to the development of the town and Polish culture.

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