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Koci Zamek Tarnów

Cat Castle (Koci Zamek) in Tarnów

Na wprost za ulicą i chodnikiem duży budynek z cegły z dachem pokrytym dachówką. Od lewej mur z cegły , za nim wysoka choinka. Dalej metalowa brama i ogrodzenie z murkami z cegły. Budynek zwany

ul. Batorego 13, 33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

A neo-Gothic brick building with an irregular shape built according to the design of the architect Szczęsny Zaremba in 1893.

It was commissioned by Karol Kotwicz Smolik, a former insurgent of the January Uprising and director of the Stables Office. The designer of the castle was the then city architect, who in those years was the designer of many Tarnów public buildings, including the primary school, two high schools and the 1st Post Office in Tarnów.  The building, however, was not completed due to lack of funds. Nevertheless, the house aroused interest with its romantic appearance. Above the entrance to the castle, there are figurative sculptures of two horse heads and a Latin inscription 'Salvation is the Supreme Law of the Republic'. The building survived the century in an unfinished, unchanged shape. At the beginning of the 21st century, the Tarnów entrepreneur who took possession of it is carrying out its renovation and expansion. Where did the name 'cat castle' come from? A guide to Tarnów states: 'From the very beginning, the newly erected house aroused interest in its romantic appearance, giving the impression of having been taken straight out of an old fairy tale. It probably also owes its name to fairy-tale connotations.'

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