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Ścieżka do bramy na wzgórzu w Ojcowie. Koło ścieżki jest ławka i duże, wysokie drzewo. Z kolei brama otoczona jest z lewej strony wapiennymi skałami.

ul. Rynek 29, 32-043 Ojców Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

tel. +48 123891098
The small town, only about 30 km from the centre of Kraków, is a magical place. Hidden among the limestone Jurassic rocks in the Prądnik Valley is the village at the heart of Ojców National Park.

One of the favourite destinations for weekend trips, it is famous for its medieval castle built by King Casimir the Great in the second half of the 14th century, the historic Swiss-Ottoman architecture, and the characteristic buildings of the 19th-century spa. Ojców's distinctive buildings are linked to its spa history. Due to its exceptional natural beauty, the village began to serve as a resort for patients. This was made possible by the construction of a treatment facility in 1855. Although Ojców had no unique microclimate or healing waters, it was very popular with visitors.

In Ojców, it is also worth visiting the Chapel on the Water, the milling settlement and the caves – Ciemna and Łokietka. Ojców abounds in created natural rock formations with incredible shapes. One such creation is the Kraków Gate, which closes the outlet of the Ciasne Rocks Gorge. On the eastern side of the Prądnik stream, another distinctive rock rises alone – Deotyma's Needle.

In Ojców, you can find out what Ojców trout – a famous regional delicacy – tastes like. The place where it comes from and where you can taste it is one of the most beautifully situated and verdant places in the region. 

Ojców was awarded a distinction in the 2020 Małopolska Tourist Treasures competition in the Atmospheric Place category.

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