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Wycieczka rowerowa: Wokół Jeziora Czorsztyńskiego

Cycling route around Lake Czorsztyn

Rowerzyści na ścieżce rowerowej na tle jeziora.
Dębno Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale
Dębno – DW969 – Hubka – northern shore of Lake Czorsztyn – Maniowy – Stylchyn peninsula (Kluszkowce) – Czorsztyn – ferry – Niedzica-Zamek – southern shore of Lake Czorsztyn – Kosarzyska Bay – Falsztyn – Frydman – Dębno


Length of the route: 27 km

Total ascent: 250 m


Length of the route

27 km

on asphalt

27 km


23 km

total ascent

250 km


0 km

side roads

3 km

total descent

250 km


0 km

main roads

1 km


There are very few places that offer such variety in one undemanding tour. The loop trail around Lake Czorsztyn is mostly an idyllic ride almost level with the surface of the lake lake. A few small climbs and one big one will also give you a taste of more challenging mountain riding. You will encounter many of these on the route: Gorce, Pieniny and in the distance the Tatra Mountains. There are also historical castles in Czorsztyn and Niedzica-Zamek and a ferry crossing. In a word: an ideal option for everyone, including families with children.

You can park your car in Dębno, alternatively you can start in Frydman (near the church), Maniowy (access via Potok Street), Kluszkowce or Niedzica-Zamek.

In Dębno, the wooden Church of St Michael the Archangel is worth visiting. Inside you will see unusual medieval wall paintings. You get to Lake Czorsztyn and cross the bridge on the voivodeship road (beware – it is dangerous!) to get to the northern side of the Dunajec River. Beyond the bridge, you will have to drive 400 m on a narrow side of the road until you reach the first exit to the right, which brings you almost to the edge of the water.

From here, the ride is safe and comfortable all the way to the end. The path immediately shows the extraordinary beauty of this place, leading along a narrow ledge over the surface of the water. Past the lake, the green slopes of the Pieniny Spiskie Mountains and the rocky Tatra Mountains appear in the distance.

Riding along the northern side of the trail is not difficult, but you need to be careful on the turns in order not to collide with cyclists coming from the opposite direction. The path follows the shoreline and meanders between successive bays.

After less than 5 km, the route takes you through winding paths to the higher shore. The local MOR is worth a stop to admire the sailboats bobbing in the small bay.

Shortly thereafter, you will reach more developed surroundings: first there is the Sygulin Bay, where you will cross the Mizerna Stream via a bridge. The next section entices you with cafés, and marinas invite you to longer sessions with the beautiful lake in the background – this is the tourist area of the Stylchyn Peninsula and Puste Bay.

Here the path changes its direction to the north and in the distance the ruins of the Czorsztyn castle appear before your eyes. At the end of the bay, you pass the beach, and along Przedszkolaków Street you get out of the buildings. Here you can choose between two options: up the Stronie hill or down along the shore. It is worth choosing the first option if you want to enjoy the beautiful panorama of two castles and a lake surrounded by mountain scenery.

A quick descent brings you to the marina on the Wronina Peninsula. To get to the other shore, you can take a large ferry or a small gondola (there are two different departure points). If you want an extra 12 km and 250 m of climbing, continue straight ahead (option without ferry).

The scenic crossing to Niedzica-Zamek is an attraction in itself. You disembark to the west of the castle (it is worth reserving at least 2 hours for an optional sightseeing tour). You find the signposts of the Path around the Lake and continue, this time along the southern shore. Unexpectedly, this side differs markedly from the northern side: it leads mainly through forest, with a lot of short climbs and descents.

A shady trail brings you over the beaver lodges at Kosarzyska Bay. The beginning of the now-famous red asphalt heralds the inevitable proximity of the only sizeable driveway on the route to Falsztyn. The need to bypass the protected area of the Zielone Skałki (Green Rocks) Nature Reserve led to the creation of a 1.8 km long section with 100 m of elevation gain.

Your hardships are lavishly rewarded with great views: first of the bay and the castle in Niedzica, and further, after passing the village buildings, of the panorama of Lake Czorsztyn with the Gorce Mountains in the background.

By steep and fast zigzagging through meadows and cottages (watch out for the curves!), you will soon find yourself right by the water again. The forested section along the slopes of the Spiskie Pieniny will surprise you with brave footbridges over successive couloirs. After 2 km you will exit by the campsites in Frydman.

Behind them, the trail enters a 2.5 km long and high earth embankment. Thanks to its construction, this Spiš village did not share the fate of the areas opposite Stary Mani that were flooded. A side effect of this is also the magnificent scenic section which you will now enjoy.

After the MOR in Frydman, you turn onto the separated side of the voivodeship road for 750 m (the bridge is narrow!). Past Białka, you'll get to Podhale from Spis before you know it.

At the next junction, turn right to reach the centre of Dębno and complete the loop around Lake Czorsztyn.

→ without ferry (+ 12 km ↗250 m)

Those who don't want to make things easy for themselves with the ferry and aren't scared of the main road or the driveways will be rewarded with more views.

In Czorsztyn, you bravely bypass the ferry docks to soon enter the forest and begin an arduous 1.5 km ascent (100 m uphill). In the village, you continue to the main road (Zamkowa Street), which you join to the left, uphill (whoever wants to go to the shop – it’s 100 m to the right). After 400 m you reach a junction – continue towards Sromowce. A further 1.5 km uphill and you are on the Osice Pass. Ahead of you is a ride along the slopes of the rocky mounds of the Pieniny Mountains and then a fast, scenic descent to Sromowce.

The road brings you to the dam of the expansion tank, which you go around from the west (henceforth following the VeloDunajec signposts). At the roundabout, you head towards the castle, which you reach after a strenuous but scenic driveway. Waffle stalls invite you to stock up on depleted calories before continuing the ride – from here on, follow the description of the main route.

The cycling route Around Lake Czorsztyn was a winner in the 2020 Tourist Treasures of Małopolska competition in the Unique Tourist Attraction category.

Mapa rowerowa Wokół Jeziora Czorsztyńskiego

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