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Zamek obronny Pieskowa Skała

The fortified castle Pieskowa Skała

Widok na Zamek i ogród w Pieskowej Skale na tle drzew.

32-045 Sułoszowa Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

tel. +48 123896004
The most wonderful view of the Pieskowa Skała castle stretches from the Prądnik Valley. In the foreground, you can see a limestone outlier known as the Mace of Hercules.

The fortified building was erected by order of King Casimir the Great already in the 14th century. It gained its Renaissance character more than 200 years later thanks to its owners, the Szafraniec family. They followed the verified example of Wawel. Architects brought from Italy raised the arcaded courtyard, while the clock tower was given a helmet similar to that from the towers of the Royal Castle. Next to the castle, the masters from Italy erected an architectonic gem: the arcaded loggia. Later they designed an Italian garden located on the terrace above the precipice. Today, the castle houses a museum presenting style changes in European art and Poland’s biggest gallery of English painting.


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