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Bacówka Wojciecha Komperdy Czorsztyn

Wojciech Komperda's Shepherd's Hut in Czorsztyn

Drewniana Bacówka Wojciecha Komperdy w Czorsztynie. Obok niej trzech turystów przechodzących ścieżką. Wokół bacówki sporo zieleni, drzew i niebieskie niebo nad nimi.

Czorsztyn Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

Wojciech Komperda is a full-fledged shepherd. His father and grandfather used to herd sheep in his family, as well as his... father-in-law – 'Whether I liked it or not, marrying my woman meant having a flock', he laughs.

Shepherd's huts with original ewe delicacies are not only the domain of Podhale, but also of the Pieniny Mountains. And here, the shepherd's hut in Czorsztyn is run by the shepherd Wojciech Komperda. This well-known and respected highlander pastures his sheep in Czorsztyn in the Pieniny National Park, by the tourist trail to the Three Crowns (Trzy Korony). Hence, every tourist traversing this trail can visit this shepherd's hut without any problems or much effort. Usually it happens that shepherd Komperda grasses more than 800 sheep and then he requires four shepherds, but even he himself does not have it easy. He gets up at 4 a.m., but as he always says, the world is most beautiful when he wakes up to sleep. How is the delicious oscypek made? – 'Well, cleanly and solidly', says Komperda. His products were even tasted by Aleksander Kwaśniewski, the former Polish president, to whom the senior shepherd brought the cheeses to the Presidential Palace. He also promotes his oscypki at international fairs; he has been to Turin, among other places. The Italians were delighted. If you decide to visit and shop at the shepherd's hut in Czorsztyn, you can be sure that the sheep milk cheese you buy is fresh and made according to the original recipe. And by the way, you can meet the charming host – a senior shepherd who is the owner of a homestead in this part of the Pieniny Mountains.

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