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Kapliczka Matki Boskiej Gorlice

The 17th century shrine Gorlice

Różowa kapliczka stojąca przy stromych schodach.

ul. Kręta, 38-300 Gorlice Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

At Kręta Street, a charming alley near the town centre, you can find the oldest Gorlice shrine dating back to the 17th century.
It was founded in 1664 as a votive offering of one of the townsmen for saving him from the fire during the invasion of the army of George II Rákóczi on 2 May 1657 during the "Swedish Deluge". This invasion was a great blow to the town, and the destruction caused that the inhabitants for many years rebuilt their homes with tenacity. In the fire 85 houses were completely burnt down, the town hall, the church, the late Renaissance manor house of Jan Pieniążek, the old Karwacjan Family defensive manor house and the manor house of Marianna Rylska were burnt down. Today, it is worth to stop there for a moment of reflection in front of an ancient chapel, pay tribute to the brave townspeople defending their town 350 years ago, and going down the Kręta street in the direction of Blich admire the "Gorlice Tuscany" - a town suspended on rocks. The chapel has its own legend of the enchanted manor house, with a prince and a princess hidden underneath it. Whoever guesses and says the magic formula at midnight will make the manor come alive and half of the treasure will fall to the person who guessed and uttered these words.

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