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Muzeum Agatów Rudno

Agate Museum in Rudno

Przecięte bryły agatów wyeksponowane na podstawkach w muzeum.

ul. Królewska 19, 32-065 Rudno Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

tel. +48 519494838
tel. +48 506645947
Who isn't dazzled by treasure? Especially when it is precious. Muzeum Agatów in Rudno 'Treasures of this Region' is a place created by a mineral collector. It is located on a hill of volcanic Permian outcrop rocks at 420 metres above sea level and just 200 metres from the ruins of the picturesque Tenczyn Castle.
The idea of creating such a place was launched by Witold Koprucha a few years ago. This collector owns a collection of several thousand specimens collected from 1980 to 2020 on the surrounding arable land and rock debris of the former melaphyr quarry. The Museum’s collection also includes the treasures of a Jurassic sea, which covered these areas more than 145 million years ago. Responding to the expectations and interests of the visitors, the Museum prepares a cyclical event, namely the “Treasures of this Soil at your fingertips” workshops. The event includes a visit to the Museum with a guide, a handful of information on local geology and the formation of agates presented in an interesting and accessible way, a search for minerals with a guide, as well as some surprise gifts for participants. The meeting may end with bonfire. We are also happy to welcome other organised groups from Tuesday to Sunday. This is a great option for those who want to know more and are eager to discover new things.

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