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Ogród Botaniczny Kraków

Botanical Garden Kraków

Po lewej alejka. Po prawej od niej rabaty z młodymi roślinkami, z dużymi krzewami iglastymi, za nimi z wysokim żywopłotem. i drzewami, w tym jednym z liśćmi w kolorach jesieni. Przy roślinach wbite w ziemię tabliczki.  W tle za wysokim drzewem i obok choinką, biały budynek oraz obok wysoki budynek o szklanych ścianach i dachu. Po prawej przed szklanym budynkiem, biały mur budynku. W oddali kwadratowy bardzo wysoki budynek. Niebo pogodne.

ul. Kopernika 27, 31-501 Kraków

tel. +48 126633635
fax. +48 126633624
tel. +48 126633633
Founded in 1783, the Botanical Garden is Poland's oldest garden. Here you can see herbivorous specimens, a date palm and a Jagiellonian oak tree around 220 years old. It is a place for walks for Kraków citizens and tourists and an educational and research centre where you can admire the rich world of plants from all over the world.

The 10 hectares with thousands of colourful plants is an excellent place for a stroll between the flowerbeds, the alpinarium or the arboretum. Here you can learn about the world of flora and find peace in the heart of the city. In addition to herbivorous specimens, which can cleverly capture an arthropod for themselves, or even a vertebrate, you can admire ancient sagacious animals, which date back 280 million years ago to the Palaeozoic era. They are said to be living fossils, and the collection in the Kraków Botanical Garden is one of the largest and oldest in our part of Europe. Kraków can proudly boast of 60 species, some of which still reproduce. The orchid collection of 500 species and varieties and valuable plants, such as tea, coffee and cocoa, are also worth seeing.

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