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Park Pamięci Wielkiej Synagogi Oświęcim

Great Synagogue Memorial Park Auschwitz

Widok na park pośrodku którego stoi ławeczka. Wokół kolorowe liście.

ul. Berka Joselewicza 5, Oświęcim Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

On the site of the Great Synagogue (1863–1939), which the Germans destroyed, is Memorial Park, a moving symbol of the former multicultural Oświęcim and a time-honoured icon of modern architecture.

The outline of the Great Synagogue of Auschwitz and a mosaic of grey sandstone slabs, referring to the temple's original floor material, are surrounded by trees.

The park was opened on 29 November 2019, on the 80th anniversary of the demolition of the Great Synagogue by the Germans, in a ceremony attended by families of pre-war Jewish Oświęcim residents as well as the Mayor and residents of the City of Oświęcim. The design of the Great Synagogue Memorial Park has been honoured with a nomination for the 2022 Mies van der Rohe European Union Prize, among other things.

The park is located near the museum at 5 Berka Joselewicza Street and is open 7 days a week.

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