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Przystań Leniówka Mucharz

Leniówka Mucharz Marina

Na zdjęciu zachód słońca nad Jeziorem Mucharskim. Na brzegu plaża z leżakami i parasolami przeciwsłonecznymi. Pomarańczowo-różowe Słońce odbija się w wodzie. Po tafli wody płynie mały obiekt pływający.

Mucharz 375, 34-106 Mucharz Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski

tel. +48 535278888
Leniówka Marina is located in Mucharz, at Lake Mucharskie, in the Wadowice District. Since its inception, it has earned recognition from the local community through its involvement in various social, cultural and educational initiatives. It has been recognised on several occasions for its contribution to tourism and recreation, supporting the local economy and creating a place that attracts locals and tourists alike.

Leniówka Marina is not only a place of recreation but also education. It regularly organises educational events in ecology, aquatic environment protection and first aid on the water. Through these initiatives, it supports the development of environmental awareness and skills that can be crucial in water emergencies. In July, the venue hosted the Safe Holidays on Lake Mucharskie, where, together with the State Fire Brigade, the Wadowice District Police Station, the Water Police Station in Świnna Poręba, the Water Rescue Service and the Jaszczur Sailing Club, we made our guests aware of the importance of safety on and near bodies of water. During the event, there were demonstrations of first aid by the Voivodeship Emergency Service, an exhibition of rescue dogs from Kęty, a controlled action of providing assistance after a controlled overturning of a sailboat on the water, and games and games for children on the topic of Safety conducted by the police from Wadowice.

Leniówka Marina places great emphasis on maintaining the cleanliness and natural ecological state of the lake and all of its waters. We regularly support the actions of the State Water Agency-Wody Polskie in cleaning the shores and banks of lakes, ponds, rivers, etc., and run an educational program that teaches our guests the importance of protecting aquatic ecosystems. All garbage bins located on our site are for waste that is segregated and collected in the correct storage bin. Water bikes, canoes, and SUP boards, which amount to 95% of our equipment, are non-motorised, eco-friendly, and driven by muscle power to care for the environment.

Gifts for fire victims from Koziniec were collected during the ‘Safe Holidays on Lake Mucharskie’ event. For two years we have been supporting (as a sponsor of prizes in competitions) PT KRUS in Wadowice. Thanks to its picturesque location and the variety of water activities available, Leniówka Marina attracts tourists from different places. The restaurant offers a unique culinary experience, which complements the water attractions of the Marina. The Marina supports local producers and focuses on fresh local ingredients, further emphasising the commitment to the development of the regional economy. To sum up, Leniówka Marina is not only a place that offers attractive forms of water recreation but also actively influences social, educational, ecological, and health development.

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