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Sanktuarium Ecce Homo świętego Brata Alberta Kraków

The Saint Albert Ecce Homo Sanctuary — Kraków

Duży, murowany kościół od strony wejścia ze schodami.

ul. Woronicza 10, 31-409 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

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One of the most recently built of Krakow's sanctuaries is located on the road leading from Krakow towards Warsaw. The church was built in the 1980s at the behest of the Albertine order to commemorate and venerate Brother Albert – Adam Chmielowski, veteran of the January Uprising and painter who devoted his life to working with the homeless and the poor.

The cornerstone of the sanctuary was laid in 1984 by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kraków, Cardinal Franciszek Macharski. The stone came from the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi and was consecrated by Pope John Paul II. The church, adjacent to the Monastery of the Albertine Sisters, was designed by Marzena Popławska and Wojciech Kosiński. It was built between 1982 and 1985 and was named a Sanctuary in 1997. Brother Albert was quite popular among the common folk, who prayed to God for His intercession. This artist, who gave up his career to live with the homeless and needy, was a figure respected and venerated in Kraków and beyond. The beginning of the beatification process was preceded by the 1932 exhumation of the body of the saint, whose remains were placed in a new coffin and buried in a tomb in Kraków's Rakowicki Cemetery. The church is home to a beautiful painting of the Scourged Christ – Ecce Homo – on the main altar, painted by Saint Brother Albert. The relics of the Saint and of Blessed Sister Bernadine, the first Superior General of the Order of Albertine Sisters, are also housed in the church. The indulgence falls on the Feast of Saint Brother Albert on 17 June, and the Feast of the Blessed Sister Bernardine on 22 September. Some of the most solemn celebrations are held on Friday before Palm Sunday, during the annual indulgence of Christ Ecce Homo.

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