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Bacówka Andrzeja Hyrczyka Jabłonka

Andrzej Hyrczyk's Shepherd's Hut in Jabłonka

Owce pasące się na zielonej trawie nieopodal małego lasu w Jabłonce. Na dalszym planie znajdują się wzgorza i lasy.

Jabłonka Tourist region: Beskid Żywiecki i Orawa, Tatry i Podhale

Sheep herding is a long-standing tradition of the Hyrczyk family. The name is known not only in Jabłonka in Orawa, but also in the entire region of Podhale.

He shepherds in Jabłonka on the meadows together with his father Stanisław, who has been maintaining the shepherding tradition for over 40 years. Here, in the area between Jabłonka and Lipnica, over 700 sheep graze, of which 200 are owned by Andrzej Hyrczyk. He holds an EU certificate for making cheese from sheep's milk. He has completed a senior shepherd's course. He is a member of the Wallachian Watra (Bonfire) Shepherd's Club at the Podhale Highlanders' Association and the 'Mountain Product' Association. Thus, one might say that at this highland shepherd's hut tradition meets modernity. This shows how sheep milk specialities should be made in the 21st century according to traditional recipes, but also using modern technology. Meanwhile, Jabłonka in Orawa is a nature enclave, not far from Podhale, but the climate here is much milder and more favourable both for wildlife and sheep grazing. Hence, the flocks at the shepherd's huts can usually be larger and the animals have no problems finding food – there's plenty of fresh grass. Anyone visiting the Podhale region should also visit Orawa and Jabłonka where Andrzej Hyrczyk shepherds – it is a true nature enclave, and the place itself offers all the well-known delicacies made from sheep's milk.

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