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Bacówka Andrzeja Pabina Rdzawka

Andrzej Pabin's Shepherd's Hut in Rdzawka

Wnętrze Bacówki Andrzeja Pabina w Rdzawce. Do wnętrza wpadają smugi światła, na ziemi stoi beczka i krzesła, a na ścianach wiszą narzędzia.

Rdzawka Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

He comes from Ratułowo, a village with pastoral traditions, and has been shepherding in Rdzawka at the foot of the Gorce Mountains since 2006.

Born in the heart of the highland region, senior shepherd Andrzej Pabin started his adventure with shepherding from quite a far distance. He previously ran a shepherd's hut at the airport in Krosno, where he looked after thousands of sheep from the Podhale. He pastures around 300 sheep (including 70 of his own) in Rdzawka that come from Stary Bystry and Rdzawka. His shepherd's hut is often visited by tourists travelling along the Zakopianka road. He holds an EU certificate for making cheese from sheep's milk. This guarantees that the oscypek is made at the shepherd's hut according to the traditional recipe, which is strictly respected here. This applies not only to the content of sheep's milk in oscypek, but also to the way in which it is made, i.e., how it is 'pucone'. Oscypek is undoubtedly the best-known Polish regional product included on the EU list of regional products. It also includes several sheep products made in Podhale, such as the famous bryndza. Admittedly, the EU certificate was initially frowned upon by highlanders, but was later accepted when it turned out that it was doing an excellent job of combatting the once ubiquitous imitations.

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