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Kościół Świętego Krzyża na Obidowej – Piątkowej

The Church of the Holy Cross “on Obidowa” in Rdzawka

Drewniany prosty kościół z niewielką wieżyczką.

Rdzawka 205, 34-070 Rabka-Zdrój Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

tel. +48 182678150
The Church of the Holy Cross “on Obidowa” in Rdzawka arose in 1757 on the site of a previous chapel, under the patronage of Jan Wielopolski, the Sandomierz governor (voivode).
It was partially destroyed by fire in 1994, after which it was soon rebuilt. The church is log-construction, and the chancel and part of the nave are bordered by an external arcade (soboty). The figurative, ornamental and architectonic polychrome that decorates the walls and ceilings dates from 1901 and underwent conservation and the addition of new elements in 1975. The original late-baroque fittings were consumed by fire and only partially reconstructed after the fire. The Rolling-Stock Heritage Park is definitely worth seeing if you visit Chabówka. It has numerous railway showpieces, such as locomotives and steam locomotives, some of which are still operable and feature in films.

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