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Bacówka Władysława Gogoli Piątkowa

Władysław Gogola's Shepherd's Hut in Piątkowa

Po lewej stronie znajduje się Bacówka Władysława Gogoli w Piątkowej z szyldem nad wejściem. Przed budynkiem jest drewniana ława z siedzeniami. Po prawej stronie są róznego gatunku krzewy.

Rabka-Zdrój Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

Engaged in his profession for over 40 years, the senior shepherd from Czarna Góra in the Spisz has been running his shepherd's hut here for 9 years.

The Sudetes, Low Beskids, Bieszczady, Jaworki, Kacwin – those are the places where Władysław Gogola has worked as a senior shepherd. It is quite common for shepherds to change the places where they run their shepherd's huts each year.  However, there are also people who are tied to one and only place and remain faithful to their family tradition. Yet such cases are the exception rather than the rule – most often the profession of a shepherd is practised in at least several different locations during the course of a person's life. Today, the senior shepherd Władysław Gogola raises around 150 sheep himself, and in good years the glades and meadows around the shepherd's hut in Piątkowa near Rabka can hold as many as 600 of them. 'There have always been sheep at home. My dad made cheeses from sheep's milk in the cottage, just for himself', he explains. 'And I took a wife that was a daughter of a shepherd from Kapołka in Łapszanka, so I became a shepherd as well', he adds. In this case, the trade of a shepherd was passed on to a highlander on the distaff side, but the skills of making excellent, tasty oscypek from the family home turned out to be invaluable. Those made in Władysław Gogola's shepherd's hut are extremely tasty and are recommended by everyone who has at least once visited the place.

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