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Bacówka Jana Jasionka Murzasichle Kopieniec

Jan Jasionka's Shepherd's Hut in Murzasichle, Kopieniec

Bacówka Jana Jasionki w Murzasichlu z zewnątrz. Wokół drewnianej chaty rośnie trawa, a nad nią unosi się widnieje niebieskie niebo.

Murzasichle Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

Murzasichle is a beautiful village near Zakopane, on the fringe of the Tatra National Park. It used to be a quiet, peaceful village, but nowadays it is primarily a destination for campers and recreation for the youngest tourists.

Murzasichle is a village whose name is quite intriguing as there are many theories explaining its meaning. One of them even refers to a certain Tatar that settled here centuries ago, but its origin will probably remain a mystery. This is where Jan Jasionek has his shepherd's hut. The shepherd's hut is located close to his house, just off the main road that runs through Murzasichle. A wooden signpost leads to the shepherd's hut that’s hidden between the houses. The senior shepherd also grazes his sheep on Kopieniec. He goes there to pasture his sheep.  'We have been shepherding sheep since time immemorial. I used to be a shepherd's helper when I was young. Sometimes you saw a wolf or a bear snatching sheep out of the herd', says Jan Jasionek. Now he is a shepherd, so he also has to deal with organisational matters, and the registration of oscypek on the EU list of regional products has imposed additional obligations on him. Complaining is against highlander's nature, which is why Jan Jasionek does not particularly grumble about the situation. He points to the advantages of the situation, as counterfeiting oscypek is now punishable by heavy fines.

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