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Bacówka Józefa Klimowskiego Czarne

Józef Klimowski's Shepherd's Hut in Czarne

Stojący za płotem budynek Bacówki Józefa Klimowskiego w miejsocowości Czarne. Przed bacówką stoi mężczyzna, na płocie wiszą futra, a za płotem i drzewem widać kilka zielonych drzew.

Czarne Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

He used to spend all his holidays at his father's shepherd's hut in the Sudetes and the Bieszczady Mountains. Later he decided to start his own business and for many years has run his own shepherd's hut, and his sheep milk cheeses are known throughout the region.

Józef Klimowski started shepherding on his own as early as the mid-1980s in the Low Beskids. For many years he has been running a shepherd's hut and pasturing sheep in the village of Czarne, which is famous for having been evacuated during Operation Vistula.  At this point it is also worth mentioning that in good seasons more than 1,800 sheep from.... Podhale graze there. They are brought to the site by trucks specially designed for transporting live animals. The animals, together with the senior shepherd and their apprentices, return on their own on foot. First you have to follow the red border trail, then head to Jaworzyna Krynicka, Rytro, Prehyba and from there continue to Podhale. 'We always walk for 5 days', explains Józef. Every year, the end of the shepherding season marks a real expedition for the inhabitants of this shepherd's hut, which has become a tradition of shepherding in this spot on the map of Małopolska. The senior shepherd Józef Klimowski is famous for his efficient management of the shepherd's hut, but also for adhering to the many traditions associated with highland shepherding. Sheep milk cheese is also made according to traditional recipes, including highland oscypek, which is the best-known Polish regional product entered on the EU list of regional products. Luckily, despite this, the oscypek's taste and smell of the smoked forest has not been lost, and the recipe for its production is the same everywhere in Poland and is respected by all shepherds. 

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