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Bacówka Józefa Słodyczki Dolina Kościeliska

Józef Słodyczka's Shepherd's Hut in the Kościeliska Valley

Trzech górali stojących przed Bacówką Józefa Słodyczki w Dolinie Kościeliskiej.

Kościelisko Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

Józef Słodyczka 'Maśniak' is one of the more popular senior shepherds, with his headquarters established in the Kościeliska Valley. A legendary place not only among highlanders, but also among tourists. It’s one the most visited places in the Tatra Mountains, bested only by the Eye of the Sea (Morskie Oko).

Tourists visit it frequently, especially in summer, when the Kościeliska Valley draws huge crowds of people in both directions. Unfortunately, it is often the case that people visiting it have no idea what the work of a shepherd is all about. There are also rascals who ask if they can get a beer to drink. 'Sometimes they try to enter the shepherd's hut and search for sheep. They really have no idea what this job entails', laughs his wife Anna. Meanwhile, the shepherd does not give up and continues to strive to cultivate the traditional shepherding activities. He often patiently explains to visiting tourists the shepherd's primer on how to work in a shepherd's hut. After all, he himself emphasises that working with sheep is his great passion. Słodyczka has already had his shepherd's huts, among others in Raba Wyżna, but also near Krakow, where he ran a shepherd's hut associated with Jagiellonian University. The senior shepherd is also famous for his great sense of humour. At one of the Polaniarski Osod in Kościelisko, he appeared with his flock of sheep. This caused great excitement among the tourists, for whom the white flock turned out to be a great attraction.

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