Jaskinia Mroźna

Mroźna Cave

Mroźna Cave
Kościelisko Tourist subregion: Tatrzański
Rodzaj atrakcji przyrodniczych: Jaskinia
It was discovered in 1934 and adapted to the tourist traffic 25 years later. It is located in the eastern slope of the Kościeliska Valley, 120 m above its bottom. It has been formed on a clear slit. Its main corridor is almost 500 m long. It is characterised by an interesting wall relief, small calcite formations may be found here, in the past, there were lakelets here of which Piaskowe Stawki and Sabałowe Jeziorko have survived to this day. Formerly, bats used to spend the winter here, and currently, thanks to the lamps, the vegetation starts developing.
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