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Jaskinia Łokietka

The Łokietek Cave

Dzieci z przewodnikiem wewnątrz Jaskini Łokietka na terenie Ojcowskiego Parku Narodowego.

Ojców Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

Władysław Łokietek was said to be hiding there, hence the name of the cave and its mystery. The Łokietek Cave, or Łokietek's Grotto, is the largest one in the Ojców National Park, located above the bottom of the Sąspowska Valley. The total length of its corridors is 320 metres.

Legend has it that Władysław Łokietek hid in this inaccessible cave for six weeks after escaping from Krakow from the army of Wenceslaus II of Bohemia, the Czech king. It is said that a spider saved his life by covering the entrance to the cave with its web. That is a legend. However, the truth is that Łokietek's Cave consists of several corridors and two large halls: Knight's and Bedroom, and two smaller ones. Careless exploration largely buried its interior and destroyed the dripstone decoration. During World War I it served as a shelter for local people. Traces of human habitation from ancient times, a cave bear, knights' spurs, belt fittings and fragments of pottery were found there. Annually, the cave is visited by approximately 120,000 people.

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