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Bacówka Józefa Brawiaka Łapsze Wyżne

Józef Brawiak's Shepherd's Hut in Łapsze Wyżne

Hala, lasy, bacówka w oddali.

Łapsze Wyżne Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

It is not easy to find your way here, but it is certainly worth trying to find the hermitage of the senior shepherd Józef Brawiak. Interestingly, he does not have any shepherding background; no one from his family was engaged in pastoralism. However, it turned out that his willingness and skilful hands were enough – the shepherd's flock comprises of more than 300 sheep, which graze in the beautiful pastures of the Spisz.

The oldest shepherd's hut in Podtatrze is located there, and in the nearby village of Łapsze Wyżne, it is worth visiting the historic church of Saints Peter and Paul, which is referred to as a jewel of Rococo in Polish Spisz. Here you can see a trompe-l'œil altar from the end of the 17th century painted directly on the wall. In contrast to Podhale Spisz itself is a region still undiscovered by tourists. They rarely come here despite the fact that the natural beauty of the region is enormous and the cultural tradition here is often much older than in Skalne Podhale. According to lovers of sheep milk cheese specialities at the shepherd's hut, in a particular time of the season you can find here little-known redykołka, gołki, żentyca, oscypek, bryndze, bundz.  In the pasture, the following dogs serve as the shepherd’s helpers: Dunaj, Dolina, Harnaś, and Bela. Source: Informatoriumkarpackie.pl

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