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Budynek Stara Plebania Grybów

The presbytery building in Grybów

Biały parterowy budynek z gankiem opartym na kolumnach i zielonymi okiennicami. Stoi na dużej zielonej posesji z kamienną alejką i kilkoma drzewami.

ul. Kościelna 3, 33-330 Grybów Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 184450166
tel. +48 184450262
The presbytery building in Grybów was built in 1699 next to the wooden church of St. Bernadine (the church dates from 1455 but burnt down during military operations in January 1945).
In the first half of the C19th the building was transformed in the classical style. Currently it houses a diocese museum of religious art. The presbytery is a one-storey rectangular building. In front of the entrance is a porch supported by columns. The museum exhibits gothic paintings from the church of St. Bernadine, orthodox icons and relicts of folk art. The most precious include: a gothic painting of St. Sofia with her daughters from 1460 and a late-gothic painting of the Holy Family from 1500.

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