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Muzeum Pszczelarstwa Stróże

Beekeeping Museum, Stroze

Drewniana ekspozycja, pokryta gontem. W niej ule figuralne w postaci osób i zwierząt. Z lewej Żyd w długiej szacie z długimi włosami, wąsami i brodą podzieloną na pół, obok po prawej kobieta w zabytkowy stroju z torebką, dalej mężczyzna z kwiatami w długiej szacie i szerokimi spodniami z napisem

Stróże 235, 33-331 Stróże Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 184140579
This small heritage park is a great source of knowledge about bees and honey. The museum was set up in 2000 at the initiative of owners of the ‘Sądecki Bartnik’ Beekeeping Farm.
The first exhibits were the beehives purchased from the Kraków beekeeper, Bogdan Szymusik, who is the patron of the museum. The collection of the museum includes over 100 beehives: made of tree trunks, movable-frame beehives, frame beehives, as well as skeps made of straw. Beehives with figural sculptures attract attention, e.g., with St. Ambrosius, patron saint of beekeepers, or the ‘Devil’ which, according to former beliefs, protected the bees and the beekeepers from evil. Museum also presents wooden display cottages, wooden shrines, sculptures, tools, accessories and offers complete information connected with history of beekeeping. For children, there’s on-site playground called "Bee's village" and a small zoo with horses and ostriches as well. There is also a tavern Bartna Cottage and shop offering beekeeping products.

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