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Grób Wojtyłów Cmentarz Rakowicki Kraków

Rakowicki Cemetary – Wojtyła Family Tomb, Krakow

Grób Wojtyłów, kamienny, wokół kwiaty i znicze.

ul. Prandoty 1, 31-435 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 126199900
The oldest existing Krakow’s necropolis was established in 1803 and currently consists of two parts, divided by Prandoty Street.
The northern part, known as the Military Cemetery, features the tomb of the Kaczorowski Family, from whom Karol Wojtyła’s mother was descended. This is where the later Pope’s father, who died on February 18, 1941, was buried. Karol Wojtyła’s mother died much earlier – when little Karol was only nine years old, in 1929 – and was buried in Wadowice. Her remains were transferred to the family tomb when Karol Wojtyła was already Archbishop of Krakow. The remains of his older brother, Edmund, who died in 1932 in Bielsko, were also transferred here. Next to the renovated tomb stands the statue of the praying Pope John Paul II.

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