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Cmentarz wojenny numer 308 Muchówka

War Cemetery no. 308 in Muchówka

Metalowy czarny krzyż maltański z datą 1914.

Królówka , 32-722 Muchówka Tourist region: Pogórza

The necropolis was lavishly designed by Franz Stark.
The western part of the cemetery features a monument topped with a pyramid with a cross, while the eastern part consists of vast grave fields. There is also a concrete obelisk with a cross and panels for plaques with inscriptions, while further down the necropolis stands a stone cross, built into the eastern wall of the cemetery. 291 German soldiers from the 47th Prussian Infantry Division, 96 Austro-Hungarian soldiers, and 606 Russian soldiers are buried there. The vicinity of Łąkta, Muchówka and Leszczyna served as the arena for the fights of December 8, 1914 between the Austro-Hungarian Corps of General Roth (which included the German 47th Infantry Division as well) who were approaching Bochnia, against the Russian forces of the Third Army commanded by General Radko Dmitriev. Here, at the Leszczyna – Rajbrot axis, the advance of the Austro-Hungarian and German forces was halted. The fights were very bloody because the Germans brought there from the Western Front were unable to handle the defence without the field fortifications, while the Russians continuously attacked. The battles were also fought on December 10, when the Dmitriev Army began counterattack against the Roth forces.

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