Zabudowa Lipnica Murowana

The buildings in Lipnica Murowana

The buildings in Lipnica Murowana
Lipnica Murowana Tourist region: Pogórza
Tourist subregion: Tarnowski
Facilities at cultural sites: Photographing allowed
Give an impression of the former life of its citizens. The small town has retained its medieval oval-shaped plan, with a relatively large (55x60m) market square.
Pairs of streets leading off the corners of the square join up to ring streets. The bourgeois houses are generally arranged gable-to-gable and the majority have pediment roofs supported on pillars, creating original arcades. The oldest house on the north side of the square dates from 1841.
Here, on the charming market square, important patriotic, political and religious events played themselves out throughout history. Since 1913 everything that has happened here has been observed from a tall column by St. Simon, the most famous son of Lipnica.
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