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Cmentarz wojenny numer 330 Podłęże

War cemetery from the Firs World War no. 330, Podłęże

Cmentarz nr 330 Niepołomice
War cemetery in Podłęże, founded in 1914, in the place of the fights (in 1914 the eastern front ran directly at Podłęże).
As a spatial composition it was shaped in 1916 according to the design by Lt. Franz Stark. A key role is played by a concrete cross, highlighted by the location in the central axis, at its base there is superimposed a characteristic Austrian cross adorned with a laurel wreath - date 1914. On the sides four smaller wrought iron crosses. The cemetery fenced with chains stretched between concrete pillars. Resting place of 3 Russians and 1 Austrian. Despite a small spatial scale it implements fully compositional formula of war cemeteries as a monument of the fallen and documenting the struggles in the region.

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