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Drewniane budynki w skansenie.

Dobczyce, Dobczyce Tourist region: Pogórza

Dobczyce is a town located in the Raba River valley at the foot of Góra Zamkowa and Lake Dobczyckie. The history of Dobczyce dates back to 1340, when it obtained city rights, but the first records mention the village in 1266.
The city was founded under the Magdeburg Law by Casimir the Great. So it was a royal city, free of customs duties. In the period of the city's greatest prosperity, the inhabitants of Dobczyce enjoyed royal privileges, e.g. they used the opportunity to buy salt from the nearby Wieliczka salt mines. The town performed commercial functions, but after the Swedish invasion, Dobczyce started to regress. The most interesting object in Dobczyce are the partially rebuilt ruins of the castle from the 13th - 14th centuries. Saint Casimir was brought up in this stronghold, and the royal sons were brought up by Jan Długosz, who wrote chronicles here. Near the castle, there is an open-air museum of wooden architecture, as well as a classicist church of Saint John the Baptist. The partially preserved city walls with an entrance gate come from 1362. A tourist attraction of Dobczyce is also Lake Dobczyckie - a reservoir on the Raba river, a water reservoir for Krakow and the surrounding area. By prior arrangement, it is possible to visit the dam.

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