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Kościół świętego Jana Chrzciciela Dobczyce

Church of St John the Baptist in Dobczyce

Murowany kościół z zewnątrz z wieżą wśród drzew. Przed kościołem drewniany krzyż.

Stare Miasto 3, 32-410 Dobczyce Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 122711044
The church is located in the Old Town within the medieval town walls, above the cemetery on a hill among a grove of trees. It is another building standing in this place. The church belongs to the parish of Our Lady of the Help of the Faithful.

The first church stood on the hill as early as the 13th century. The first church stood on the hill as early as the 13th century. Another stone church, dating back to the 16th century and founded by starosta of Dobczyce Sebastian Lubomirski, was closed in 1790 due to its poor technical condition. The present church was built between 1828 and 1834 by the owner of Dobczyce, Jan Turnau, and completed by his son Jakub. Material obtained from the dismantled Dobczyce Castle was used for the construction. The church was consecrated in 1854.

It is a classicistic single-nave brick church with a tower and a three-sided presbytery which to the west is narrower than the nave.

The furnishings are mainly in the late classicistic style dating from the mid-19th century. There are five wooden altars, including the main one and two side classicistic ones from 1851, the work of Kajetan Domasiewicz from Nowy Sącz, who also made the church's pulpit. The Stations of the Passion from the 18th century, the organ case and the cross on the church tower are of great value. In the presbytery there is a Renaissance epitaph of Sebastian Lubomirski's child from 1594, made of white marble. It is a rectangular slab in frame moulding with a bas-relief of a lying child supported on a skull, the Lubomirski coat of arms and a Latin inscription. A stone baptismal font and a late Gothic Pietà were transferred to the new church.

Nearby stands a bell tower with three arcades dating from the 19th century with three bells, the oldest of which is a Gothic bell cast in 1504; the other two come from the Felczyński Brothers Foundry in Przemyśl in 1975. There is an old linden tree among the trees, according to legend planted on the day of John III Sobieski's victory at Vienna.

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