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Droga Pienińska

The Pieniny Road

Znak Szczawnica Przystań Po prawej stroni rzeka Dunajec. Po lewej stronie asfaltowa ścieżka. W tle lasy i niebieskie niebo z białą chmurą
Szczawnica Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz
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The Pieniny Road is a red trail along the bank of the picturesque Dunajec River Gorge, connecting Szczawnica with the Red Monastery.

White limestone rocks on the swift Dunajec River create one of the most beautiful sections of the Polish borderland. Most of the ten-kilometre route runs on the Slovak side (about 8 kilometres). The road was built on the initiative of Józef Szalay. Construction began as early as 1870. The rugged terrain meant that some rocks were dynamited or stones were brought to the high embankments during the works. The Pieniny Road was intended for vehicular traffic, but today it is a scenic hiking and bicycle route. It is an alternative to rafting on the Dunajec River. The Pienińska Road takes about 3 hours to complete. It is an easy route, so every walker and cyclist can cover it without a problem. You can begin the hike in Szczawnica or at the Red Monastery.

In Szczawnica, the trail starts at the marina. A wooden sculpture of a highlander gazes at us from the Kotuńka Rock. Going further, we pass the Educational Pavilion in the Pieniny National Park and the Zyblikiewicz Grotto. The road to Leśnica (a bicycle and walking path) takes off where the Leśnicki Potok flows into the Dunajec River. The towering rock named Wylizana is well visible here. The road weaves along the Dunajec so that you can admire Sokolica, Głowa Cukru or Wilcza Skała at certain points. A unique place along the route is the narrowest part of the river with a rock called Janosikowy Skok or Zbójnicki Skok. According to legend, Janosik jumped over the Dunajec River here while fleeing from Hungarian gendarmes. Footprints on the rock remain to commemorate this event. It is said that robbers also used the place for contests to see who could jump from the greatest height. The route ends at the Red Monastery, where you can visit the Carthusian Monastery, the ruins of the hermits' hermitage and the Church of St. Anthony the Hermit.

The Pieniny Road won in the 2021 contest Tourist Treasures of Małopolska in the category 'The Most Interesting Tourist Route’.

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