Dworzec kolejowy Rabka-Zdrój

Rabka-Zdrój Railway Station

Rabka-Zdrój Railway Station
Zakopiańska 27, 34-700 Rabka-Zdrój Tourist subregion: Tatrzański
tel. +48 182676200
Parking: Bicycle parking
Facilities at cultural sites: Parking dla rowerów
The railway station building was erected in a national style in 1925. The former railway station in Rabka Zdrój has the status of a train stop today. It is the only functional train stop on line 104. In September 2010, the ticket office and the lounge were closed. In 2004, on the square in front of the railway station, the town authorities erected an almost 3 metres high monument of Santa Clause that welcomes children arriving in Rabka Zdrój.
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