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Ekomuzeum Doliny Karpia

Carp Valley Ecomuseum

Stawy hodowlane karpia zatorskiego widziane z lotu ptaka. Na horyzoncie Zator i Energylandia.

Rynek 2, 32-640 Zator Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

tel. +48 338410584
The Carp Valley Ecomuseum encompasses a network of attractions scattered around Zator, presenting the ‘live’ natural, historical and cultural heritage associated with fish farming.
It enables visitors to see, discover and experience a variety of values of the region in a unique and special way – have a taste of local cuisine, admire the picturesque landscapes, discover the unique nature and learn about pond management. The Ecomuseum is also an opportunity to meet enthusiasts, who not only talk about their activities and present unusual products, but also show how to make them on your own. All the venues and hosts are waiting for you – be sure to join them. If you are interested in the offer, please make an appointment in advance directly with the hosts or with the Carp Valley Association, which is the coordinator of the Ecomuseum.

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