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Gmina Zator

Zator commune

Stawy hodowlane karpia zatorskiego widziane z lotu ptaka. Na horyzoncie Zator i Energylandia.

Plac Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 1, 32-640 Zator Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

Zator is the most rapidly developing commune in the western Małopolska region, and not just because it is lucky to have its special economic zone. In addition to being the breeding ground for the Zator carp, it is recognised throughout Poland for its two amusement parks: Energyland and Zatorland.
The commune of Zator is a land of diverse landscapes, fields, meadows, fishponds, floodplains and meandering rivers, a sanctuary for wild birds and tasty carp, hiking and cycling trails, canoeing, castles, palaces and churches, and is also known for its extremely exciting, thrill-filled amusement parks. Energylandia is one of the largest parks of this kind in Europe, and Zatorland is a Jurassic park with animatronic dinosaurs and the largest T-Rex specimen in the world. In addition to entertainment, the municipality offers tourists the opportunity to spend time in the midst of nature, where they can indulge in relaxing family fishing, and walks combined with observing fauna and flora. An excellent holiday destination, and not just for anglers and naturalists, either! 
Zator is also famous for the Carp Festival and the Great Zator Carp Harvest – important artistic and culinary events on the map of the Małopolska region, which promote the commune far beyond its borders.
Zator is also the Capital of the Carp Valley, a large cultural and economic venture bringing together seven neighbouring municipalities in joint activities. 
Zator commune was awarded with a prize in the 2022 Tourist Treasures of Małopolska competition in the Site With Best Atmosphere category.

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