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Gmina Ryglice

Ryglice Commune

deptak na Ryglickim Rynku, wokół zabudowania

Ryglice Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

The Commune of Ryglice is a picturesque land with a foothill terrain that makes the views along the hiking, cycling and horse trails breathtaking.

The hillsides are home to the enotourist treasures of the region, such as vineyards, whose products are increasingly recognised by gourmets worldwide. Visitors are entertained by associations of rural women, who serve regional specialties during harvest festivals and cultural events. In Ryglice, tourists will find a manor granary from 1756, the oldest of its kind in Małopolska, and a public recreation gazebo with a barbecue area stylised as a barn. You can leave the car here and continue your journey by bicycle. An electric bicycle can be rented in the village. The location of the next gazebos was determined so that tourists and residents planning a bike trip could visit the rest points in the gazebo in Zalasowa, the viewing platform on Kokocz in Wola Lubecka and the pavilion in Kowalowa. On the route, you will encounter a trail of war cemeteries, historic churches and legally protected species of plants and animals.

The Ryglice Commune was awarded in the Tourist Treasures of Małopolska competition in 2023 in the ‘An Atmospheric Place’ category. 

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