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Wioska Indiańska Fort Wapiti Zalasowa

Fort Wapiti Indian Village

7 indiańskich namiotów ustawionych na łące w zielonym krajobrazie Pogórzy. Zdjęcie z drona.

ul. Reja, 33-159 Zalasowa Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 515237490
Fort Wapiti Indian Village in Zalasowa near Tarnów is a place where children and adults have the opportunity to meet the unique culture and art of the Indians.
The village draws visitors’ attention with its rich collection of Indian handicrafts. Among the exhibits, visitors can admire original items made of traditional materials and some faithful replicas. In Fort Wapiti we can see decorated dresses and war shirts, feather headdresses, moccasins, instruments, such as drums or rattles and the Indian weapons: bows, tomahawks, clubs and rifles. Seeing these everyday objects, we learn about life of the Indians. The rich collection is the result of visits and meetings with fans of Indian culture and the Indian tribes of Blackfoot, Lakota and Cheyenne, which makes the village in Zalasowa so unique. Fort Wapiti Indian Village offers a special program for school groups, kindergartens and camps. A visit to the museum is also a great idea for a family trip, during which children learn many interesting facts from the life of Indians, while playing around Indian teepees. The museum boasts additional advantage as it is situated in a very picturesque area among the hills of Ciężkowice Foothills.

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