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Kino Mikro Kraków

Mikro&Mikroffala Film Art Club

Rzędy krzeseł w ciemnej sali przed ekranem kinowym.

ul. Lea 5, 30-046 Kraków

tel. +48 126342897
Arthouse cinema in Kraków at ul. Lea 5. It was officially opened in 1959; since 7th April 1984, it has functioned as the Mikro&Mikroffala Film Art Club.
Since 2010, the cinema has been equipped with a digital projector that allows films to be displayed in 3D. In 2013, a branch of the Arthouse was opened in the Bronowice Mall. In the large room, screenings are organised as a part of the Kraków Film Festival, Off Camera, Copernicus Festival, etc. Apart from that, a review of films on autism and Asperger’s syndrome is held annually in the Mikro room.

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