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Kościół świętej Małgorzaty Panny i Męczennicy Trzciana

The Church of St Margaret Trzciana

Kościół z dwiema wieżami w fasadzie, widziany z góry.

Trzciana 1, 32-733 Trzciana

tel. +48 146136013
tel. +48 602121882
At the end of the 15th century, a sandstone church was built in Trzciana, which makes up the core of the present-day church, which since then has seen many overhauls and extension.
In 1533, a brick sacristy was added. At the end of the 17th century, the church was plundered and burnt down by the Cossacks and the Transylvanian army; however, it was later rebuilt. Many works were done in the 20th century – the church was expanded with a side nave, and at the end of the century two large towers were added from the west. The historic elements of the church include a late-Gothic baptismal font from 1497, a stone portal separating the presbytery and sacristy, a Baroque main altar from the 17th century and two Baroque side altars. The church stands on a small hill in the eastern part of the town.

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