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Kościół świętej Małgorzaty Dziewicy i Męczennicy Raciborowice

Parish Church of St. Margaret in Raciborowice

Kościół z cegły, bez wieży. Przed nim duża drewniana dzwonnica.

ul. Papieska 5, 32-091 Michałowice Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 123877006
The village of Raciborowice in the vicinity of Krakow boasts a brick Gothic church built in the 15th century.
For centuries, the Krakow Chapter and Metropolitans have been the guardians of the church. Therefore, in 1944 Cardinal Adam Sapieha sent a young seminarist of the clandestine seminary, Karol Wojtyła, to vacation here. In subsequent years, the later Pope spent holidays here twice, not only studying theological works but also learning about the problems of a small village parish. This experience certainly came of use when he was sent, as a curate, to the village of Niegowić. Karol Wojtyła also took long hikes among the fields, where later Nowa Huta was built, to the Cistercian Abbey in Mogiła.

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