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Muzeum Farmacji Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego Kraków

Museum of Pharmacy of Jagiellonian University in Krakow

naczynia szklane na półkach w Muzeum Farmacji Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego Kraków

ul. Floriańska 25, 31-019 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 124219279
Poisons, leeches, unicorn horn, Spanish flies, Polish plait and centipedes. At the Museum of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University, you'll find magical mixtures and mysterious apothecary's tools. It is one of the few museums of its kind in the world.

While searching for interesting places to see in Krakow, it is worth visiting the Museum of Pharmacy of Jagiellonian University. Established in 1946, this museum will bring you into the world of a functioning old pharmacy.  The collections are exhibited in all rooms of the historical 14th-century tenement house at 25 Floriańska Street. They include furniture and pharmacy utensils from various eras, old pharmaceutical raw materials of plant, mineral and animal origin, old pharmaceutical tools (mortars, presses, filters, capsules for gilding pills, sugar coating machine, slicing machines for crushing herbs), old prints (e.g., a Greek-Latin edition of the Complete Works of Hippocrates, medieval and modern pharmacy textbooks, official and unofficial drug lists, herbariums, pharmacist's manuals in longhand). One of the museum's peculiarities is certainly the Polish plait, the only disease to contain the adjective ‘Polish’ in its name.

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